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create a character

Postby rayna » Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:48 am

i want to be put on the roster but ive looked. there is nothing for me to click to add as character
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Postby itson » Mon Oct 15, 2007 4:24 am

1st. Login to website
2nd. Click "Roster" ( On Top left corner of the website, Right next to DKP )
3rd. Click "My Characters" (Top Center of the screen Right under the main menu, under " Preferences • Bookmarks "
4th. Fill out your mains information under "Add a Character"
5th. click "Add Character"

And thats that. After you add your character you can start earning DKP by attending raids ( or being on overflow ( im not 100% sure on that) )

If my directions arnt good and u can not follow them, just find me online and ill jump on vent and navigate you though it.

(Remember I am not officer nor I have any rights to say what im about to say next, but Being a Recruit gives you NO right to make fun of or clown on any Azergarde members as some of the Recruits have been doing, nobody is making fun of me nor I am saying that you are making fun of a member, but there are Recruits that have been and because I have no right to say anything I keep my mouth shut, but as long as your a Recruit please try to restraint your self from joining other Azergarde members joking around or makin fun of other Azergarde members. dont take this personal, I am simply using you to deliver a message to someone w/o hurting anyones feelings.)

if this is offensive to anyone, any officer is more then welcome to edit or del my post.
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Postby Ulwar » Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:24 am

Well, except for Ioisme ... make run of him any time you want.

The reason you couldn't see where to add yourself to the roster was because you weren't part of the members group. I have fixed that.
I'm a maverick, so my answers may not bear any relationship to your questions.
Please let me know if anything I say offends you. I may wish to offend you again in the future.

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