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Code of Conduct

Postby Ulwar » Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:59 pm

Member Interaction

The member base of Azergarde is one of great people who are always willing to help others out. Many members will go out of their way for you, to help you quest, level, get new gear and other such things. This is not a requirement by any means for membership, but it does help to assist other guild members when they need help. The following guidelines are raised with regard to member interaction.

1. Members are here for fun. This means that arguments for the sake of arguing, insults, and other belligerent behaviour are unbecoming of the guild itself. Disagreements will happen, and when they do just try to keep it civil and most of all keep it private. If it’s just between you and another member keep it in private messages.

2. Begging and whining does not get anyone anywhere and really just becomes annoying. There is nothing wrong with asking a member to make an item for you as we have many tradeskill masters who are willing to make things for you for the cost of materials. Constantly asking for items to be made without offering anything in return will eventually lead to problems though.

3. Though we have many ranks that require differing amounts of responsibility, all members both high level and low level deserve the same amount of respect. Please treat everyone else with the same respect you desire.

Guild Chat

The Guild chat room is a place for all of us to communicate with each other about various facets of the game, be it quests, XP, or what have you. It also makes a very good off topic chat with people about anything. There are some possible problems however that can arise and the guidelines below are to help with that.

1. Please try to keep language respectful of other people. There is no need to be rude in Guild chat. Excessive use of vulgar language for simple shock value is also discouraged.

2. Though we are fairly open about chat in general we feel the following topics are best left out of guild chat: religion, politics, racism, and hate. Keep in mind that just because a topic isn't listed that doesn't necessarily make it acceptable; please use common sense.

3. Try not to spam guild chat with items for sale. There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling to guild members, just keep the trade spam to a minimum. The guild channel is a place to chat, not a place to spam like it is the trade channel.

Outside Interactions

Interacting with other people is what makes MMORPGs fun. We as a guild put off a certain image and attitude in everything we do as well as everything we say. If we are helpful and tactful, recruiting will be easier, the guild will have a better reputation and quite simply we will enjoy the game more.

1. When talking in chat with other people, treat them with the same respect you desire from them.

2. Try not to argue for the sake of arguing as that just aggravates others. This includes harassment, cursing, begging and other such things.

3. Show others what Azergarde is all about. It is up to each person to demonstrate the guild values. You can show a positive image or a negative image.

4. Do not ninja loot items, be it monster loot, chests, herbs or ore.

5. Do not train or kill steal people.

6. Though we are not against people having friends in other guilds, you may not have any active alts in other guilds.

Loot Distribution

High end loot in these types of games can always become a source for a disagreement. We want to try and make it fair for everyone involved in the guild with regard to loot. That being said, here are some guidelines to follow with looting.

1. If you are in a group always try to determine how looting will work before the item everyone wants drops. It will make life a lot less stressful for everyone in this case.

2. For loot on regular non-instance quests the round robin system works well but it isn’t perfect. Making use of round robin in conjunction with a need before greed rule will make everyone happy. In case you may not know what need before greed is, basically it means when a really good item drops those that do not need it will yield it to those that do, if more than one person needs it then those that need it will roll for it. If nobody needs a boss item then usually you will roll for vendor sale, once you have won a vendor item you should not roll again for vendor loot until everyone else has had an item.

3. For loot on instances and longer quests we need to go a bit further; some of the boss mobs have a high probability of dropping certain items. It will work out best if you decide ahead of time who gets what in the event the items drop, again for everything else round robin + need before greed works great.

4. In certain situations alts may be passed over for loot in favor of those with main characters on the raids.

Player vs. Player Combat

Player vs. player combat is welcome in the guild, but we do need some guidelines to prevent this from giving us a bad name however. Since we play on a PvE server we need to keep in mind that the opposing faction may not want to participate. That being said, lets not ruin their day by repeatedly killing their NPCs, this is not fun or cool in our book. Run in, raid the town, maybe kill the npcs once, then if you want to stay keep it focused on the guards and other players.

Disciplinary Action

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes it has to happen. If someone is obviously out for a different experience than what Azergarde offers, it may be best if we tried to find them somewhere better so that they enjoy the game to the fullest. The above guidelines are not hard and fast rules. They are about the attitude of and mentality behind the guild. The discipline process is reasonably simple and only occurs in extreme cases. A warning will be given in the form of a dialog with the person in question. The officers will talk about what issues have been noticed and how we feel they may be corrected. The person will have as much chance to discuss this as they wish. If the behavior continues in an extreme form, the person will be asked to leave the guild.

We believe this is an easy process, and the best way to deal with issues as it helps everyone involved better understand the problems and provides ways of correction them.

Guild Participation

The Guild serves as a collective to helps us achieve goals and overcome obstacles we could not easily achieve on our own. We encourage everyone to participate in any event of their choosing on their free time. However, to act as a collective you may at times be called to assist the Guild. As a member of this Guild you are required to serve the greater needs of the Guild over you own. Repeated failure to answer to the call of duty will result in demotion, then possibly deduction of DKP, and in a worse case scenario dismissal from the Guild.
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