Nightbane down - Karazhan clear

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Nightbane down - Karazhan clear

Postby Richelle » Wed Jul 18, 2007 9:36 pm

Per request of some members, here's the kill shot for Azergarde's first Nightbane kill.

Kill occurred Sunday, 7/15.

With this kill, Karazhan is offically cleared.

(if someone has a Netherspite shot, feel free to post it here)
Nightbane.jpg (154.76 KiB) Viewed 23845 times
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Postby Lyese » Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:55 am

Took you guys long enough to get this pic.

Here's the first one of Neatherspite.
Neatherspite Kill.jpg
First Neatherspite KIll
Neatherspite Kill.jpg (192.32 KiB) Viewed 13991 times
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