The Burning Crusade Is Upon Us!

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The Burning Crusade Is Upon Us!

Postby Ulwar » Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:21 am

Starting at midnight tonight, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will be available at a store near you! Featuring a massive new world, two new races, several new instanced dungeons, and hundreds of unique new quests, The Burning Crusade provides countless hours of exciting solo and group content. And if you want to go toe-to-toe with human opponents, the expansion's Arena PvP System and the redesigned PvP Honor System will provide the thrills and excitement you seek. There are both a standard and a collector's edition available for The Burning Crusade; you can learn more about the latter in our detailed Burning Crusade Collector's Edition Preview. If you want to learn more about the expansion and all its features, we suggest you check out the Burning Crusade Features Page and also take a look at the Burning Crusade Expansion FAQ.

During installation of the expansion, you'll be able to upgrade your World of Warcraft account access to The Burning Crusade. Alternatively, you can click here to upgrade as well.

A generation has passed since the Dark Portal opened for the first time, unleashing the Orcish Horde upon Azeroth. The wars that followed changed the face of the world forever. Now, the portal between the worlds has been reopened, and the people of Azeroth find themselves in the direct path of the Burning Legion once more. To save the world from destruction, you must do what only few have ever done before: cross through the Dark Portal into the shattered realm of Outland. Prepare for the greatest challenge yet -- the fate of not just one world, but of two, now rests in the hands of mortal heroes.

Beyond the Swamp of Sorrows, deep within the Blasted Lands, the Dark Portal beckons -- and destiny awaits…
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